Friday, May 12, 2006

Catching Up:II

Nothing much is happening here in Jamshedpur. As regards my Project, well my tagline tells it all. And there are nothing else to do here.

Got my Paycheque today. My boss called me and handed it to me after asking me to sign somewhere. It feels nice to get some money after reckless spending for last one year. And when embarking on a self-financing trip to the US. Well I had been in job for quiet some time. Before that also I was getting stipend for Teaching Assistantship during my M.Tech(Dual Degree) at IITB. Added to that the meagre NTSE scholarship. But this time it feels nice coming after a span of one eventful but unproductive year.

Some things never change. The West Bengal ppl have again elected a communist party to power. Guess Calcutta and Bengal have still much to suffer. And development is still miles away from the state. The ppl will continue to go on strike once every week, Ganguly or no Ganguly. And the state is going to support unproductive ppl. If Bihar can throw out Lalu, why cannt same happen in Bengal. The previous victories of Left in Bengal is not due to rigged election as is commonly believed. But it is just that ppl here don't want the status quo to change. Sort of pareto-equilibrium condition. Only that the Bangladeshi migrants that the state politicians allow in cause disturbances in other developing centres like Delhi and Bombay. But for CPM it doesn't matter.

Nothing new on Reservation Front also. But it is good that some politicians have taken politically incorrect position and cast their doubts regarding the efficacy of reservations. Good atleast now we would have a rational debate on this important topic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was reading the news about another protest against reservation by students of 5 medical colleges in delhi. This made me think that we IITians will never take a risk to do such a thing. Sometimes this makes me think that we are too self centric and cut off from the realities in society.
Every IITian (including me) thinks only about himself and success in his professional career. Isnt it a high time that we become more aware of out responsibilities towards society while we are at IIT.
I think making the voices heard against reservation may be a good start. Arent we responsible for future generations of students in this country or we care only about the number of 0's in our salaries or that call from IIM or that app from MIT or Stanford.

7:35 AM  
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