Wednesday, April 19, 2006

NBA and RDB: A comparision

So Aamir has come in defence of NBA and currently opposing the move of raising the dam height. But surely the government is not going to listen to him. Mr. Modi would go on with his work with the support of even opposition Congress and the Police. So what would Aamir do. Would he go on and commit the murder like RDB. No he is much more sensible. So he would just leave the stage and go back to his Fanaa. And that precisely is the problem of RDB.

RDB tilts us towards fatalism. We see a murder of Defence Minister by having nothing better to do college students. And then they go on to repent there decision. So where does it leave audience. We just come out of the theater and go on criticizing the Police Force and politicians. the same thing as we were previously doing without watching the movie.

I seriously believe that coming of Aamir has taken the NBA movement backward. No not because he is in Coke ad, as Arundhati Roy suggest. But because he has kind of build a certain image with RDB. And I again believe that RDB has harmed the MiG pilot cause. Somehow we don't even talk about MiG issue anymore because it has been internalized by us that all state, govt, politicians, Police, Bureaucracy are evil. Thank God for a movie.

Well I am not against or in favor of big Dams. Frankly I don't haveemuch of a knowledge or data to comment on it. But as a tecnocrat I would definitely like the Project to go forward. Provided offcourse that all ppl get a fair deal.

Don't know but after reading Hind Swaraj by Mahatma Gandhi, I have a certain feeling that it was good that Bhagat Singh failed in liberating India. If he would have succeeded, they would have turned India into a Communist Dictatorship. We have free, democratic and peaceful India just because of the success of Gandhiji's movement. And the proof of that is NBA. The tribals who would be displaced are raising a peaceful movement and are not out in arms against the state.

Surprising that uneducated tribals understand it but Aamir doesn't.

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Blogger Devang said...

Well said, would've been nice if you would've used links, but well said regardless. My comment on youth curry, if you didn't read it already.

4:51 AM  
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