Friday, March 17, 2006


In 1929-30 when the Western world was suffering because of vast unemployment and closure of industries, USSR was booming with prosperity. It was the only country in the world unaffected by the Depression. Or so we are told in our History textbooks. But they conveniently forget to mention that even during that time in Russia ppl have to stand in queues for 2-3 hrs everyday to get their ration. We our told about the exploits of capitalist regimes. But never about the atrocities committed by Stalin on ppl of Eastern Europe. We condemn saffronization of education. But why we fail to condemn this redization(I know there is no term like this) of education?

The concept of communism itself is wrong. As in all ppl should get equal oppurtunities but why all should get equal rewards. As long as all people's basic needs are satisfied, capitalism is the best system. The basic tenet of Marx that under capitalism even the middle class will shift towards poverty has proved wrong. Actually the poor has shifted towards being middle class. And as a result there are no poor now in Western world in absolute sense. So if capitalism can lead to eradication of absolute poverty, why should we want communism. In communism all are absolutely poor, but none relative.

The most devastating effect of communism is that it kills creative and inquistive spirit in people. It lead to people accepting fatalism and not motivated enough to make a significant contribution in life. Because there are no rewards associated. So for the progress of mankind as a whole, this curiosity and desire to excel should be nurtured in humans. And only capitalism can do that. You have to live one week in Calcutta to realize how true this is. How true this fatalism and being laidback is. How when money ceases to have its power, the society crumbles to a black hole through which even light cannot pass.

In an article published sometime back in TOI, it was revealed that out of 10 richest people in US, 7 are self-made, ie ppl who have risen from middle class to achieve that billionaire tag. And that is the triumph of capitalism and market economy. If a middle-class guy has dreams and ability and enthusiasm to convert those dreams to reality, the society's only role is to facilitate him to achieve his dream. And this can be done only in capitalistic society.

I am not saying that governments should not exist. But the govt's role should only be to facilitate free competition and remove gross inadequacies and injustices in the market. It should concentrate its energy towards social sectors ensuring basic facilities like education and health to all. For rest market can take care.

All through the world, communism has failed. If we look at the tiger economies of eastern Asia, they have prospered because of the ushering of market mechanism. And people of my age group who have seen both pre 1991 and post 1991 world and lived in Mumbai and Calcutta can vouch for it. It is very difficult to explain young childeren the world before 1991. The supply of LPG, the day long wait for getting cheques to be cleared, the good old Doordarshan with all its educative is difficult to imagine life as it was 15 yrs back.

Here are the pics on image-searching tiananmen square in UK

and Here are the pics on image-searching tiananmen square in China

How has communism fooled entire world for so long.

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