Friday, April 28, 2006


Read the News today of Mr. Arjun Singh planning to increase the SC quota beacuse of increase in their population from the last census. Just wondering from where does he get all these notorious ideas. If he is so brilliant why he doesn't use it in some constructive things for example improving the quality of education and institutes to make them world class, or taking some creative steps to decrease dropouts in Primary School.

There is a related amendment whereby the seats in the Parliament and Assembly have been freezed till 2020. This is done so that the states which have been effective in Family Planning are not punished. If this is not done Southern states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu would loose a number of seats in Parliament to laggards like UP and Bihar. This is a commendable move.

But why is this not extended to reservation policy. If high castes have been successful in limiting their population while lower castes haven't been why should high castes be punished for that? Shouldn't the principle that applies to Parliament be applied to common jobs and education.

I cann't understand why all this is happening? Ppl say that it is for political reasons. But as any meritorious(a fancy buzzword) MBA will tell you to increase your sales you have to differentiate yourself. You ought to have a target market in mind. And here with all parties supporting reservations tooth and nail, where is that political gain. It is unlikely that Congress would be able to gain any political mileage out of these stupid steps. Maybe its thinktank should think of a different target market to place its product. It should differentiate itself from Mulayam and Mayawati. But surprisingly it is following their steps.

And what about Arjun Singh. A neglected Congressman out to make his presence felt. The same motive that drove Mr. Murli Manohar Joshi to slash fees at IIMs. But these politicians should not harm the national intrests while pursuing their selfish policies.

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