Thursday, April 06, 2006

Catching Up

Currently in Jamshedpur for 2 months training in Tata Steel. Sure to post my comments on the Steel City soon.

With the grades pouring in I have one more sem of dismal performance. But alas one feather in my Freeriding cap. My highest grade is in a non-credit subject, one which is not counted while calculating CGPA!! Expected....

Meanwhile read One Night@Call Centre in the train. Frankly I am disappointed. After "Five Point someone", I expected a more interesting piece from the author. But ON@CC fails to fulfill the expectations. The biggest flaw is that all miseries in everyone's life coming at the same time. It is dark, but thye darkness seem very artificial.

The style is somewhat same as in FPS. But in FPS author gives a chapter to other characters also, so that reader can get their viewpoint, this is missing in ON@CC. The 4-5 characters in the story are depicted moral and right while everyone sorrounding them including boss, mother-in-laws, husbands are depicted evil. Very much Rang De Basantish...

The novel do have some funny moments. Infact I like the starting part most in the author's interaction with the girl. The author looking at the reservation chart for someone b/w F15-F25 is close to what I also normally do. But never in my life has there been a girl in my compartment. I dont even remember any girl ever in the same coach as I am. I do need a stroke of luck now.

More to follow.

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