Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Class of 2002

Yesterday I was talking to one of my friend here: a guy from IIT Kgp and currently studying in IIMK. There is one more thing common between us besides the IIT-IIM tag, ie. we both belonged to the class of 2002.

Yes the dreaded year of 2002. The economic repression. At IITs the placement at that time was around 80% and in many Engg colleges it was less than 20%. We still fear those days. Those jobless days. Companies after companies either not coming to the campus at all or after taking few ppl sending them regret letters. These include some big names in software field also.

But all that is past now. And surprisingly there are no scars or aftereffects left. If I now see my batchmates, almost all are going great in life. Infact they are much better off than probably even other batches above or below us. If we look at PhD, management, entrepreneurship etc our batch has performed much better than other batches. This is reflected in large number of 2002 batchers even today in almost any of the IIMs and other top B-Schools.

Probably this was because we saw through that period. And we have to work hard during that time to make ends meet. That spirit of fighting and non-complaecency has left a legacy in the Class of 2002.

But it also reflects on strong economic fundamentals of India. The depressions and slowdowns in other countries have large sideeffects, sometimes lingering on for yrs to come. But not in India. We recovered in just 2 yrs, and marched on the paths of progress like never before.

Hope no other batch get to see what we saw. But still it was a great experience to have, obviously thinking from hindsight.


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