Wednesday, May 31, 2006


A blind girl is not talking to you. You say "Tum andhi ke saath-saath Goongi bhi lagti ho". And the girl laughs. Well anything can happen in an Aamir khan movie.

The guys f**ks the blind kashmiri girl and next day she reacts as if nothing has happened. Gosh where am I?

We didn't get the tickets for the evening show and I pestered my friends to wait till the night show and they agreed.But why do ppl always need to agree with me.
Now about the movie: There is no story line, no romance , no good dialogues nothing.
In the first half instead of speaking sentences, the hero who ultimately is a terrorist talks in "sher-o-shayari". And believe me some of them are from "Gabbar Sher", a daily program on one of the FM channels.

There is no attempt at all to build the plot. Neither is romance developed, nor terrorism shown well. Aamir never gets to explain reasons behind his mission, Kajol never gets to explain why terrorism is bad. Aamir just looks like a confused guy not knowing what to do next. This is definitely one of the worst role he had ever played.

The movie is extremely slow and we continuously wait for atleast something to happen. But nothing happens. A large section of the Audience leave theater in middle of the movie. Even in terms of songs, the title song is good. Rest are just pain in a$$.

But Kajol looks ravishing. And I am back to my 11th Class watching DDLJ dreaming about the girl. Romance in the air and all that. But alas Time never returns. Just waiting for a better performance and selection from Kajol.

So who are the winners. PPL of Gujarat since Fanaa is banned there.

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Blogger Jeet said...

are bhai.. itni gandi hai kya movie !! chalo main bach gaya :D

9:27 AM  
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