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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


A blind girl is not talking to you. You say "Tum andhi ke saath-saath Goongi bhi lagti ho". And the girl laughs. Well anything can happen in an Aamir khan movie.

The guys f**ks the blind kashmiri girl and next day she reacts as if nothing has happened. Gosh where am I?

We didn't get the tickets for the evening show and I pestered my friends to wait till the night show and they agreed.But why do ppl always need to agree with me.
Now about the movie: There is no story line, no romance , no good dialogues nothing.
In the first half instead of speaking sentences, the hero who ultimately is a terrorist talks in "sher-o-shayari". And believe me some of them are from "Gabbar Sher", a daily program on one of the FM channels.

There is no attempt at all to build the plot. Neither is romance developed, nor terrorism shown well. Aamir never gets to explain reasons behind his mission, Kajol never gets to explain why terrorism is bad. Aamir just looks like a confused guy not knowing what to do next. This is definitely one of the worst role he had ever played.

The movie is extremely slow and we continuously wait for atleast something to happen. But nothing happens. A large section of the Audience leave theater in middle of the movie. Even in terms of songs, the title song is good. Rest are just pain in a$$.

But Kajol looks ravishing. And I am back to my 11th Class watching DDLJ dreaming about the girl. Romance in the air and all that. But alas Time never returns. Just waiting for a better performance and selection from Kajol.

So who are the winners. PPL of Gujarat since Fanaa is banned there.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Everyone on the Wrong Side

So the government has finally announced its committment to implement OBC reservation in all the institutes. And there are demonstrations from medicos and also my almameter IITB and my present institute IIMC.

The logic given for reservation is that the condition of backward classes in village is very bad. I dont have knowledge on that. But taking it to be true, why don't the government target the reservations specifically towards them. I am personally opposed to reservations of all kind. But most of the protestors are just demanding that those who themselves or their parents have availed of reservations should be removed from this net. What is wrong in arguing on that.

In my experience most of the high caste people who enter IIT/IIM/AIIMS are from middle class. A very rich student who belongs to high caste would never study so much to get into IIT/IIM etc. He won't strive for 99 percentile in CAT and high cutoffs for general candidates in IITJEE.

While the situation is reversed for the low castes. The low caste poor are often the landless labour in villages and slum dweller in cities. They don't have means to get even decent primary and secondary education and so cann't think of going to Engg/Med colleges.

And the beneficiaries of reservation. The low castes students who are the sons of IAS officers/IIT/IIM grads/politicians. The cutoffs for them in JEE is very low. They can also get 60 percentile easily in CAT and get through without much hardwork.

Now if we are demanding that the low castes/OBC sons of these elite class should be removed from the reservation bracket what is wrong in this argument? The political parties are asking the high castes to make sacrifices. Why don't they ask the elite low castes to let go there priveleges? Because of the obvious reason. The Ballot box.
Why we don't have any case of a Reserved category father saying that he won't let his son take the benefits of reservation? Simple. Because nobody refuses Free Lunch.

So the fight is not between high castes and low castes. Rather it is between middle class high castes and high class low castes. More informally it is between elite beneficiaries of reservations and poor victms of the same.

And lets see how reservations should actually be antithetical to every political party's ideology.

First the Left. They have sided with the high class ppl in this fight. ie. they are in support of the elite beneficiaries of reservation. Like all through the birth of communism, this time also they are fighting on the wrong side by supporting the rich against the poor.

Now the grand old party of India: The Indian National Congress. It swears by integration of all communities in the mainstream. But history proves otherwise. Before independence its policy of appeasing the Muslims, its agreeing to the separate electorates for Muslims at Lucknow Pact and its belief in Jinnah was responsible for the partition of the country. Now with again dividing the society, with again appeasing one community against other Indian National Congress is laying for another division of the country, this time along caste lines.

The BJP. Advani's long cherished dream of Hindu Rajya. Well Hinduism is in tatters today. It was able to withstand various onslaughts throughout history but it is shattering now, because of the discrimination by the state between different Hindus. Different castes are coming at loggerheads. The best religion in world is in a danger of extinction because of its own internal rivalries. And this is supported by BJP and its idealogue the RSS.

I cann't comment on other parties like Lalu's and Mulayam's because I don't know much about them. But their agendas are very much similar to that of Left and hence that argument also applies to them.

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Friday, May 19, 2006


I was thinking of writing this post for a long time. From the time I heard of Kavya Vishwanathan. A 19 year old girl, author of a bestseller and now accused of plagiarism. She has accepted that she indeed "have internalized Ms. McCafferty’s words". There are a number of instances in the novel(Though I haven't read it). But the most important point is that only the sentence formation and style of writing is similar and not the story plot. She has not picked sentence by sentence of the other novel, only writing style in some places.

I wonder how I would have completed my MBA but for google. Or if Microsoft remove its Control-C and Control-V shortcuts, how much difficult life for a MBA Grad would be. It is not about getting info from net and typing it. It is about taking the whole SWOT analysis of a company done by some other person and blindly placing it in our report. So management is just about teh ability to find the right info at right place. And thus most of us may be accused of plagiarism/theft.

The novel that i have found most interesting is Midnight Childeren by Sulman Rushdie. And I must confess that I did try to use his way of writing in my blog. The ideas and opinions are mine but writing style is his. The association between words and names, long but grammatically incorrect sentences, developing symbolic relationships between 2 different events, the simple satire told in way of some simple happening and all that stuff. But I do agree that Sulman Rushdie is a master in this and I am just a copycat.

That is what it is. Noone can write a bestseller just by copying someone else's material. Otherwise this would have been a very successful blog. Moreover the publisher has agreed to delete all the objectionable matl. So guess there is nothing more to discuss. And lets wish we would get some more of these bestsellers from the girl , offcourse now without any inspiration.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Catching Up:II

Nothing much is happening here in Jamshedpur. As regards my Project, well my tagline tells it all. And there are nothing else to do here.

Got my Paycheque today. My boss called me and handed it to me after asking me to sign somewhere. It feels nice to get some money after reckless spending for last one year. And when embarking on a self-financing trip to the US. Well I had been in job for quiet some time. Before that also I was getting stipend for Teaching Assistantship during my M.Tech(Dual Degree) at IITB. Added to that the meagre NTSE scholarship. But this time it feels nice coming after a span of one eventful but unproductive year.

Some things never change. The West Bengal ppl have again elected a communist party to power. Guess Calcutta and Bengal have still much to suffer. And development is still miles away from the state. The ppl will continue to go on strike once every week, Ganguly or no Ganguly. And the state is going to support unproductive ppl. If Bihar can throw out Lalu, why cannt same happen in Bengal. The previous victories of Left in Bengal is not due to rigged election as is commonly believed. But it is just that ppl here don't want the status quo to change. Sort of pareto-equilibrium condition. Only that the Bangladeshi migrants that the state politicians allow in cause disturbances in other developing centres like Delhi and Bombay. But for CPM it doesn't matter.

Nothing new on Reservation Front also. But it is good that some politicians have taken politically incorrect position and cast their doubts regarding the efficacy of reservations. Good atleast now we would have a rational debate on this important topic.