Sunday, September 17, 2006

Anti-Terror Mechanism with the terrorists?

So finally the event that we all had been waiting for has arrived. Barely 3 months after the Bombay blasts killed more than 200 people, the Prime Minister of India has agreed to visit Pakistan. And if this was not enough, India and Pakistan have decided to set up an anti-terror mechanism.

Can we imagine a join terror mechanism between US and Taliban. Or between Israel and Lebanon. But as astute the Indian politicians are, only India can perform this supreme feat.

What this joint terror mechanism will do. Play counterstrike on Lappy. Or AOE? Because as now is a common knowledge the terrorist camps are located in differenet parts of Pakistan and Pakistan govt would never dismantle them. They would never arrest the terrorists, let alone handle them to India. So this terror mechanism is just a wasteful exercise undertaken by unimaginative and insensitive govt of India.

And moreover where is the need for it. If this step was taken to impress international community, then it is useless. The international community is unfazed. And if I were a citizeb in any other country I would laugh at a meek and spineless country setting up terror mechanism with the very country known to harbour terrorism.

After Vajpayee's Lahore visit Kargil happen. I shudder what is in store now?

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