Sunday, February 26, 2006

Black is Bright

On screen, the movie goes on. People are rivetted and don't move a bit. They cry, they laugh, they enjoy, they feel. Finally when the movie finishes, the audience give a standing ovation. Now you know this movie cann't be other than Black. Though I witnessed the scene in a Multiplex in Noida, but from the discussion with friends, I can say that the reaction was similar even from common Rickshawallahs in non-multiplex and cheap theatres across the country.

The 51st Annual Filmfare Awards have been announced. As expected, Black has sweeped across all the sections except obviously Music(since it had no songs). Specifically it has got the award for Best Movie(Popular and Critics), Best Actor(Popular and Critics), Best actress(Popular and Critics), Best Director, Best Supporting Actress and many Technical Awards.

The immediate thought that comes to mind is "Hope it had been nominated to the Oscars". It was adaptation of some Hollywood movie, but still I think that the movie itself had spirit of its own. Even if it was an adaptation I feel that it stood a better chance against Paheli. Not that Filmfare Award matter so much or the Oscars for that matter. But an entry into Oscars would have helped in popularizing the movie among Western audiences and hence they would have got the chance to watch this gem of a movie. Since most of the movie is in English there would also have not been much of a language barrier either.

The other argument that Paheli potrays Indian culture is somewhat valid but this should not be a criteria for Indian nomination to Oscars. Black was about an Anglo-Indian family which is normally not in mainstream India. But the movie is beyond all this Indian culture/non-indian culture thing.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali always improve upon himself. What he was not able to do with Khamoshi, he has done with Black. In b/w he has made 2 superhit yet sensitive movies: HDDCS and Devdaas. Somehow he identifies every movie of his with colour scheme. Khamoshi was White, HDDCS and Devdaas were multicoloured and Black is Black.

Amitabh Bachchan has reinvented himself in the movie. This is his role of a lifetime. Now as a ardent fan,I wish him Good health and hope to see him in many more good and meaningful movies. My obvious affection to Preity notwithstanding, Rani Mukherji is brilliant in the movie. The little girl, Ayesha has worked wonders. But it is Sanjay Leela Bhansali's movie all the way. The other characters don't matter.

Hope next years entry to Oscars is a better one. Hope it is not the tale of a few college boys and a gal murdering Defence Minister to avenge their friends' death.

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