Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My tribute to IIT Faculty

Just reading the results of faculty evalation forms here at IIMC my thoughts drifted to IIT Bombay faculty. Now my previous post was abt my fav subjects, this one is abt my fav faculty, but don't think that I have suddenly become academically oriented or something but younhi kabhi kabhi....

I am talking about IITB faculty just because in IITs it is the faculty which is the prime mover. IIT is renowned today just because of its astounding faculty. They have influenced my life to a very significant extent. and some of the best brains in India are in IITs.

But sadly this is not the scenario in the management colleges. Here it is just the placements that matter and the faculty interests or acads are the least talked abt thing.

And some of the Profs I may not talk abt are those who maybe very good in research, may have done some excellent quality of research work, but mayn't be able to teach well. And I may miss out some just because of my poor memory. Apologies...

Well my first day at IIT Bombay. My father left me in that unknown world in the morning. And one has to study calculus, phi and delta then at LT. With tears flowing down my cheek, I somehow tried to decipher what was written on the slides. I mean I was always good at mathematics but uptil then maths has been all abt solving problems and getting answers. It was my first exposure towards abstract maths. If it hadn't been for Prof Limaye, my initiation at IITB had been much more painful. He treated us like childeren, explaining concepts many times to make us understand and grasp them, answering our stupid questions with great patience. The only good thing abt MA101 was Prof Limaye.

I like Physics from JEE Prep days. And the Physics faculty at IITB is simply superb. I specially remember Prof Umashankar and Prof Shivprasad. The Physics end term paper in 2nd Sem with its questions on relativity and quant mechanics was mind boggling. Never thought so much in a exam. The questions were very difficult and challenging.

Then comes the Humanities courses. I remember Prof Ghadially in Psychology with her famous quote("") style. Morgan is one of the best textbooks that I have come across in life. Somehow the examples she gave has still stuck to me. Again the exams were very challenging. Prof P R Bhatt taught us Philosophy. The discourse on Logic were very interesting.

Other than that there were Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Workshop and Engg Drawing. I never got correct setting for the optics experiment. The experiment on counting the number of fringes for calculating the Young's modulus was very demanding and strenuous for the eyes. But simultaneously they were enjoyable and challenging also.
I always messed up in Engg Drawing and Workshops. In Engg drawing I cann't even draw a straight line. Even when I draw a circle with a compass, somehow the ends don't meet. And in workshops there were lathe m/c, arc welding, carpentry, tin smithy, moulding etc.

These are some of my recollection of acads in 1st yr at IIT Bombay. More abt my later yrs and chem engg in the next post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its strange and inspiring that you remember such small details vg..maybe i haven't known u that well or you are now a different person :-)

5:07 AM  
Blogger Vaibhav said...

Hi anonymous,
I am back to academic world. I may not have been able to reminiscence the details during my job days. But going in a similar acad env gives u a sense of Deja-Vu and the memories of past life comes back.

And since u r from IITb and know me this well, I was just wondering why u r anonymous?

3:06 PM  
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