Monday, January 23, 2006

May you be tough as a Rock

Well we always have thought "Is this the type of government that we deserve". All of us have some point or other in life has become frustrated at the criminalization and illiteracy of our politicians. Most of us don't vote because we don't find any party/candidate suitable. Now atleast we seem to have a better choice. Paritrana, a party floated by some iit graduates, does offer us some hope. It has Tanmay Rajpurohit, B.Tech from IITB, MS(GeorgiaTech), MA(Economics,New York); Ajit Shukla, B.Tech(IITB); Amit Beesen, B.Tech(IITB);Chandrashekhar, BTech(IITK) as its mebers. Well never seen such impressive lineup before.

Literally Paritrana implies
the complete relief implying the end of the very cause of distress
. And it intends to do so.

Having interacted with most of these guys, especially Ajit during my IITB days, I can tell you noone can be more suitable for this endevour. It is not if they are some bunch of frustrated people, who had failed to cope upto the corporate culture and competitive life, who having nothing else t do in life, started a political party. Their aim was clear from IITB days. So the plan is well thought out and not some spontaneous, night out effort.

Yes they are inexperienced. But I feel that it is a positive point for them. Most of the current young politicians are from political family only, and so are used to this dirt and corruption in politics. They have passively internalized this in themselves and so don't put fight to clean the system. But Paritrana guys, having fresh outlook to life are all set to question all assumptions in politics.

They may fail. But is not the experience worth trying. When most of us just criticize politics and system from outside, there have emerged few people who wish to go inside the system and try to clean it. But lets hope they do succeed. Our and our childeren's future depends on it.

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