Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dynasty Politics

I read an article in todays' TOI regarding who would be a better candidate for Congress: Rahul Gandi/Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra. My heart sank. How can India's largest and oldest political party has no good candidate among its ranks that it again has to go back to the family. I m not endorsing policies or ideologies of any party or anything but I am simply raising the issue: Is birth in a family only criteria in Indian politics. It happened for Indira Gandhi after Shastriji's death, for Rajiv Gandhi after Indira Gandhi's death and is happening again. After Sonia Gandh's refusal to accept the hot seat, now the morally handicapped politicians are looking to 30 something Rahul Gandhi for their survival.
Now even leadership of BJP is in doldrums but atleast it can be said to be a merit based party where a person has to fight his way from grassroots. And I am against the Communists but have to applaud that it is a merit based party.
I am so sad that I was not born in Gandhi family otherwise I too had been a primeministerial candidate. Come to think of it whats the difference between myself and Rahul Gandhi except obviously the "heredity". We both must be having same knowledge of Indian politics and India(maybe I would be having more). I have even cleared IITJEE and CAT which Rahul will never be able to do. I know that is not criteria in politics but than what is?
It hurts simply because there are some leaders of exceptional calibre within Congress itself. But they have to stoop to such low levels as to go after a family for their survival is surprising. Well in a country where there is so much competition even for low grade clerical jobs, that there is no competition for the highest level post is appaling.
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