Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My favourite Subject

Well I have done fair bit of studying. I mean Phy, Chem, Maths upto XII, Chem Engg at IITb and now Management. But strangely the subject that I have enjoyed most in my life is Economics. Now u would think where have I studied Eco? Bit here and there. Economics in Class XI and XII CBSE. 2 courses(one on general eco and 1 on indian eco) at IITB and 3 courses(micro, macro and indian eco) here at IIMC. I also try to follow through Eco Times every day.

I feel the economists are simple geniuses. The theories they propound, the techniques they use for arriving at the results and just simple economic jargon they use like inflation, fiscal deficit, current account convertiblity, money multiplier etc turn me on. When most of Engg and all of Management rest on just empirical studies, economics is simply the most logical subject. And the cause effect relationship b/w variables and their interaction with third variable that happens in Economics does not take place in any other subject.

Literature comes a close second. Though I haven't had any formal course in Lit but somehow I do think how authors come out with such great concepts. I mean if Einstein had not discovered Relativity someone else would have. If Bohr wouldn't have given the atomic model, someone else would have, some yrs later. But if Paul Coelho hadn't written Alchemist it would never had been thought abt. If Ayn Rand hadn't written Fountainhead we would never have pondered about such a revolutionary philosophy as Objectivism. And the examples could be multiplied for Yann Martel(Life of Pi), Premchand(Shatranj ke Khiladi) and many others.

Aside from Eco and Lit, no other subject interest me. I study them just for getting grades and securing a well-paying job. It is just external motivation for me towards these subjects.

I do want to know about other ppl's choices of different subjects. Do put in ur comment. It would be interesting to read.
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